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Dachuan jet mud mixer order from India


We had just received an order for DCSLH150-45 jet mud mixer recent days from our client from India. The client had visited our factory in Tangshan before and was satisfied with our products and service. This time they wanna purchased five sets of the Dachuan DCSLH150-45 mud mixer for oil field, now we are preparing the products in our factory.

DC uses venturi tube combined with original jet nozzle created a new design of jet mud devices, it is not only simple in structure, but also have strong feasibility, which can meet the requirements of aggravation and configuration of drilling fluid in drilling solid control system from 1500m to 9000m. We can also produce double jet mud mixers according to customers’ requirements.

Jet mud mixer produced by DC have the advantages of high mixing speed, safe and reliable performance, long service and etc. Welcome for inquiry if you are looking for this kind of products or any other machines for drilling fluid cleaning.