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Decanter Centrifuge for Kazakhstan


One set of DCLW450-1000N centrifuge have already prepared to send to Kazakhstan. The client is a contractor of drilling and this is a repeat order of the centrifuge, last year the client order a DCLW450-842N centrifuge for use, he is very satisfied with our equipment and service and decided to cooperate long terms business with us.

Drilling fluid decanting centrifuge used for recovery barite to remove small solid particles, reduce the mud solid content, to ensure the performance of the drilling fluid. And DC production drilling fluid centrifuge has high purification efficiency, convenient adjustment and easy maintenance. 

The DCLW450-1000N centrifuge with a large treating capacity is 40m3/h and operates 815 G’s @ 1800RPM with 2-5 micron separation point. Normally its rotary speed is 2000r/min, the main drive is 30kw and back drive is 7.5kw, can matched 5.5 kw feeding pump. 

DC Solid control have 18 cooperation partners in Kazakhstan including drilling contractors, Oil&gas drilling service company, drilling teams, and etc. Welcome to consult any solid control equipment to us, believe cooperating with us is your best choice.