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Dedicated Drilling mud agitator for solids control


Drilling mud agitator is a part of mud cleaning matching system. It is designed for mixing mud and avoiding the drilling cuttings deposit on the bottom of mud tank. Its main function is to make the drilling fluid solid particles in suspension.


Drilling cuttings are the major components of harmful solid phase. If eliminate the harmful solid phase, the drilling cuttings must be suspended, and enter into the desander, desilter and centrifuge to realize.


The useful solid phase, such as all kinds of weighting material and little bentonite also needed to be suspended uniformly to keep stable drilling fluid density and performance. Thus the drilling mud agitator needed to continuous working and avoid sedimentation phenomenon.


Drilling mud agitator installed on the mud tank is an important equipment, strictly speaking, once put into operation should be kept for a long time to ensure drilling fluid uniformity and centrifuge work normally.


Drilling mud agitator is a dedicated agitator, and generally can’t be replaced by the kind of agitator which used in chemical industry, food and other industry. At present, in the drilling mud solids control system, we use mechanical agitator generally.