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Degasser for Oil & Gas Well Drilling



The degasser is used to eliminate the gas from drilling fluid, the processing capacity should reach the full flow. The degasser must be installed before the centrifugal pump to process drilling fluid. Because if the drilling fluid contains the gas, the centrifugal pump will take place cavitation, due to the cavitation, the performance of centrifugal pump will be reduced, produce the noise and vibration, the service life will be decreased, even the pump can’t work normally.


The main functions of degasser are two aspects: first is ensure the drilling fluid performance is relatively stable, avoid blowout, well kick, ensure the well drilling is safe; the second is ensure the hydrocyclones can work normally. The degasser must be provided when drilling deep well, gas well and oil & gas well.


The degasser can be separated into two types: constant pressure degasser and vacuum degasser. In general, the mud gas separator belongs to the constant pressure degasser.


The mud gas separator is mainly by gravity impact action to realize the separation, and yet the vacuum degasser adopts the theory of vacuum and centrifugation.