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Desander and Desilter in oilfield


Desander is the second equipment in solids control system, it is used to separate the solid particles whose diameter is more than 44μm from drilling fluid. Desilter is the third class equipment, behind desander, and separation size is 15-44μm.

The drilling fluid desander and desilter are all designed by the theory of particle sedimentation. 

Usually desander is combined by the 10" or 12" hydrocyclones, and desilter is often combined by the 4" or 5" hydrocyclones. The material of hydrocyclone is polyurethane, long service life, light weight and easy to maintain.

If you use 10″ desander before desilter, the max particle size is 44microns. If you do not use desander, but use shale shaker before desilter, you should use not less than 100mesh shaker screen before desilter. Suggesting particle size range for 4″ desilter is from 15microns to 47 microns.

When choosing the desander and desilter, the maximum displacement of the drill pump must be considered to achieve the reasonable matching. No matter the desander or the desilter, it must be ensured that the maximum displacement of the drilling fluid in the drilling process can be all disposed.