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Desander erosion prevention

In addition to limit the flow to prevent erosion, cyclone exists in the limit of solid sand in one of two ways:

(1) is in the control head and nozzle tube exchange between the installation of high pressure swirl desander equipment, the most clear nozzle sand sink in front of the tube.


(2) it is also possible to increase the diameter of the flow line.

Cyclone desander selection in selection should be taken into account in the water treatment of takeover diameter, working pressure of pipeline, raw water quality and processing water quality requirements. Under normal circumstances, choose swirl desander when, under the premise of satisfying the flow, preferred major types of equipment, and recommended in the system with several devices in parallel instead of large equipment, in order to obtain a better solid-liquid separation.
Should always check the wear of the parts of the cyclone, if any part of the thickness of the 50%, it must be replaced.

Cyclone is the most easily worn parts of the sand, if found "sand sand", it should be detected if the sand mouth is worn, and replace the sand