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Desander suction storehouse and overflow storehouse


Desander is generally used for non-weighted drilling fluid. If it is used for disposing weighted drilling fluid, the drilling fluid which contains lots of weighting materials will be run off in vain.


Degasser drainage bin also can be the desander suction storehouse. Desander and desilter are the same, running in the downstream of degasser. If the desander suction storehouse is located in the upstream of degasser, and the drilling fluid contains natural gas, then the efficiency of centrifugal pump will be reduced and occur to gas lock, even can not pump drilling fluid. In addition, may appear cavitation, lead to centrifugal pump be abraded prematurely, this kind of wear is quick and serious.


The fluid in desander overflow storehouse should flow into the nether storehouse, and the bottom backflow device between tank and tank should be opened. The fluid can flow back via backflow device, this is to ensure that all of the drilling fluid can pass desander header pipe to desanding.