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Design scheme of DC new type desander


DC learns the design, analysis, calculate, using data and research result of at home and abroad, aiming at the current situation of desander use to survey, reference its technology advantages. Combined with domestic has some problems of mud desander, find the characteristics and development direction of domestic desander, combine domestic technology current situation of the physical truth of solid phase control field to put forward the optimizing design scheme. Design the new desander device scheme to promote research of domestic deancer and the development of manufacturing technology.

According working theory and use condition of mud desander to put forward the integral structure and the main structure design scheme of mud desander.

According field survey and technology demonstration combine with our country oil field current situation. We start from the facts, according technology feasibility, the design scheme and technology parameter of the desander which the structure is advantaged.

Using computer aided technology, in the basic of now solid control equipment research result, the symmetrical feed liquor structure make hydrocyclone distribute is reasonable and work steady.

The basic of structure scheme design and fluid mechanics analysis and strength check to complete the structure design of hydrocyclone and main parts, drawing the specific assembly drawing and necessary detail drawing.

Hydrocyclone ‘s material is polyurethane, service life is lone and the quality is light. Each mouth of hydrocyclone have ball valve can adjust the work number of deander at any time, the operation is easy and convenient to maintain.