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Detail festures of DC Vertical cutting dryer


DC Vertical dryer can recover up to 95% of drilling fluids. A large decrease in attraction between liquid and oil results in a retort of vertical dryer cuttings that can range between 6% and 1% oil by weight.

With over 300 units operating globally, the dc Cuttings Dryers have historically and consistently produced as low as 1% oil retention on cuttings by weight. DC also provides parts and service for cuttings dryers.

Detail festures:

1. Operations & Safety
High capacity, continuous-feed DC Vertical cutting dryers have the throughput to keep pace with drilling operations.
Self-contained lifting hoist on stand allows unit maintenance without unnecessary use of rig crane.
Explosion-proof motors are certified. 

Automatic cuttings dryer shut-off senses low oil pressure, preventing internal and bearing damage. 
Individually balanced components are designed to be interchanged without affecting the high-speed, vibration-free operation.

Delivered to you pre-assembled; no rig site fabrication needed. Self-contained drive assembly.