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Detailed introduction about Desander


Desander is the second class and the third class solid control equipment to treat the drilling fluid. Usually the cone diameter is more than 6″is called desander, and used as the second-control equipment in drilling operation. We commonly use 8 “and 10″ cones desander to separate solid-phase particle size 44-74μm in the drilling fluids.


When referring to the desander, hydrocyclone is very urgent to come to the stage. In general, the shell of hydrocyclone is made of cast iron. For improving the wear-resisting property, the inside uses the wear-resisting rubber. For improving the service life further, shells of some hydrocyclones use the polyurethane, both wear and corrosion resistance. About the large-sized hydrocyclone, the shell use the material of alufer, interior use the polyurethane, this not only ensure shell have enough strength, and reduced the weight. According to the practical situation in oilfield to install suitable numbers hydrocyclones for increasing thruput.


Desander is designed by the principle of particle sedimentation, the drilling fluid enters into inwall of swirler, the thicker particles spiral sinking with the action of centrifugal force and gravity, discharged from bottom exit, and separated by shale shaker, the other liquid spirals along the swirler, enters into the third-level separation equipment – desilter from overflow port to dispose further.

Desander is installed after shale shaker and degasser but before desilter. It removes solid particles from drilling mud which cannot be removed by shale shaker. Desander is widely used in various fields, Oil gas drilling, HDD, Mining, Chemical industry, Environment, Medicine, Food, etc.