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Detailed introduction of DC Mud gas separator


Mud gas separator mainly used in petroleum drilling field, it is a kind of solid control equipment which can separate the gas from drilling fluid, now it is widely used in all each oil fields, drilling fluid mud gas separator is divided into ordinary pressure and pressure autocontrol according to pressure.


Main use of mud gas separator


When drilling fluid occur gas invading, drilling fluid viscosity and proportion will produce big deviate, can’t meet the requirements of drilling; if can’t obtain control and treat at times will occur well kick, when serious will occur blowout. Drilling fluid mud gas separator and flare ignition device combined use can ensure drilling safety.


Our company mud gas separator characteristics


1 Use many separation technology combinations; centrifugal separation, vacuum separation, physics impacting separation, the separation effect is obvious.

2 There is special gas separation gallery in the tank, the sign for the gas evacuation is normal, improve the gas treatment effect.

3 Feeding pipe all bending place all equipped shock absorber and have impacting resistance baffle, according to the attrition rate to replace, extend the service life of mud gas separator.