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Development of drilling fluid Desander


Desander development, through a long period of time. For the desander, the cognition of people is enhancing step by step. At the aspects of specification, use a mass of 6x8" cone group at first, due to the problems of blocking and structure, since 1985 foreign began to use large amounts of 10 ", 12 "cones, and in the 80s domestic has been basically abandoned 8 "cone.

At the aspects of cone material, home and abroad all have done a lot of work, it was widely believed the polyurethane has better abrasion resistance. But in use found a serious shortcoming, heat resistance is poor, the strength and hardness will be reduced above 4℃, and cause the cone rupture and leak.

For solving the above problems, people have already designed a kind of new polyurethane material, the strength and hardness are better, and still have better abrasion resistance.

DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of desander, we have overcome the disadvantage of the original manufacturing technology, CSQ series desanders are designed and manufactured according to the most advanced technology.