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Development of foreign hydrocyclone


The characteristics of DERRICK hydrocyclone

Desander, desilter and shale shaker combine together to form a set of desand and desilt cleaner system, it can save the area and decrease transportation train number.


Annular desilter provide the same working pressure for each funnel, make hydrocyclone can reach the optimize performance.


¢101.6mm hydrocyclone use the material of light and high corrosion resistance urea-formaldehyde, it has the advantages of the service life and easy maintain and convenient, it can replace the bottom flow mouth nozzle and also decrease drilling fluid losses.


Desander in a pallets can be flexible installed 1-3 desand funnels. The throughput of each funnel is 175L/min.


Each inlet mouth of hydrocyclone can install shutoff valve.


BRANDT hydrocyclone


Hydrocyclone is produced by American BRANDT all use the material of polymer material, it has the characteristics of resistance high temperature, wearing resistance, the replaceable part is cheap, flange connect reasonable.


The row spit of BRANDT hydrocyclone can be freely adjust, usually the desander is matched with 54mm, 82.5mm and 38mm the three specifications row spit.