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Development present situation and level of cyclone


The desander cones needs to be improved in corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, wear resistance and ageing resistance performance, the use of it has frequent replacement. Although the manufacturers use the high chromium cast iron, rubber lined, polyurethane liner and medium manganese wear-resistant ductile iron and other materials, but the effect is not ideal. For recovery of all drilling fluid discharged from underflow, desander are usually equipped with small drilling fluid vibrating screen, most of which adopt the motor belt wheel driving, but there are problems of instability of eccentric shaft excited vibration, the maintenance is not convenient and the service life of the screen is short etc.

Desilter  is usually comprised by 8-10 cyclones. In addition to that, most of them has the structure of linear arrangement and one side of liquid inlet, this structure usually easy to cause different inlet pressure of desilter and the operation is not stable, and vertebral body of the desilter is fragile, short life, drilling fluid is often not up to the requirements of the effect.

The cyclone produced by Dachuan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. adopt special wear-resistant polyurethane material, which is corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high strength and reasonable in price. The cyclone has inlet tangential feeding, smooth inner surface, high separation efficiency. And it is equipped with automatic anti sand block device and adjustable underflow hole device. The inlet and outlet of the cyclone produced by DC are connected by clamps, fast, safty and reliable.