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Difference Between Vacuum Degasser and Mud Gas Separator


Judging from the name, Vacuum Degasser and Mud Gas Separator are really two devices, but they were going to get the same effect, this article will explain their different working principles.

Vacuum Degasser

Operational Principle of Vacuum Degasser

Vacuum degasser utilizes vacuum pump suction action, causes negative pressure zone in vacuum tank, under the action of atmospheric pressure, drilling mud through the suction pipe into the hollow shaft of rotor, and then through the window around hollow shaft jilt to the tank wall by spurting. Due to the effect of collision and separation wheel, separating drilling mud into thin layer, the invaded bubble broken and gas escape. Through the vacuum pump suction and gas water separator separation, gas escape to safety zone, and the drilling mud is discharged to tank outside by impeller. Because of the main motor first start, and the impeller which connected with motor is high rotation speed, so drilling mud can only from the suction pipe into the tank, not be inhaled from drain pipe.

Mud Gas Separator

Operational Principle of Mud Gas Separator

Gas invaded drilling fluid enter into the separator through the liquid inlet in tangent line direction, fall along the wall on a specially designed series of inside baffle, collide , increase exposure surface area , flow downward, cause turbulent flow , separate the gas and drilling fluid . Free gas is discharged through gas outlet of gas tank top, pipe length is determined and disposed by actual situation and led to safe area. Degassed fluid drilling is discharged into the circulation tank.