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Domestic solid control equipment-vacuum degasser


Vacuum degasser is a special equipment which dispose gas cutting drilling fluid, it has important for recovery drilling fluid density, steady drilling fluid viscosity performance, and decrease drilling cost. It can be as big power agitator when drilling fluid without gas.


The types of degasser


Degasser has vacuum type, atmospheric type and centrifugal type. Now in domestic drilling, the vertical type vacuum degasser is widely used.


The theory of vacuum degasser


Using centrifugal pump pumping action, causing negative pressure in vacuum tank, through inlet pipe enter into the hollow pump of rotor, then the windows of around of hollow shaft jilt to the wall of tank with spurting, because the function of crashing and separator, the bubbles in drilling fluid are broken, the gas escaped, it is siphoned off by vacuum pump. Drilling fluid enter into emptying cavity through rotor is discharged out of the tank.

Otherwise in domestic drilling machine solid control system has a part of horizontal vacuum degasser equipment, the working theory is using vacuum pump suction drilling fluid, separating gas after flocculated flow by the film, it is siphoned off by vacuum pump. But this kind of horizontal vacuum degasser need matching a set of centrifugal pump jection unit, in order to except gas drilling fluid is siphoned off from vacuum processing chamber.