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Drilling cobra shaker screen


Shale shaker screen according to materials divided into silk screen, metal screen and synthetic fibre screen. Wire degree of thickness has 0.4-0.025mm. Most of it use plain weave or twill mat. Wire holes are all distinct and correct, screen surface is smooth, has the advantages of high temperature resistance and abrasion performance, the stainless screen also has the advantages of corrosion resistance. So metal screen widely used in powder screening and oil filter.


Cobra screen is a brand of oil shaker screen, because it used in cobra shale shaker, so called cobra screen, it is a common screen in oil shaker screen.

Drill rig mating and model:
·American cobra shaker screen  18mesh80mesh×1830mm760mm 

·BL—50 American BRANDT sheet frame screen 18mesh-150sh×1250mm×630mm

·American DERRICK chatter marks three levels shaker screen 1050mesh×695mm

·M-ISWACO chatter marks high frequency bonding screen 1050mesh×695mm

·Changan petro machinery 20mesh-100mesh×1150mm×76mm

·NS--115/2double levels screen 40mesh/20mesh-100mesh/20mesh×1150mm×1000mm

·Romania drill rig double levels bonding screen 40mesh/20mesh-100mesh/20mesh×1170mm×1670mm

·Sichuan mine HS—821 double levels bonding screen 20mesh—100mesh×2050mm×1120mm

·Sichuan HS-821 double levels desander screen 100mesh/20mesh-150mesh×1735mm×520mm

·NS---861 Shanxi desander screen 100mesh-150mesh/20mesh×1800mm×560mm

·Changan3zzS-D single level hookstrip 12mesh -100mesh×250mm×1120mm frequency bonding screen 1050mm×695mm