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Drilling fluid Centrifuge classification


Centrifuge is divided into rotate speed


Low speed refrigerated centrifuge

The rotary speed can’t exceed 4000rpm, the maximum capacity is 2-4L, it is often used to collect large number primer biomacromolecule and precipitate in laboratory. The swivel head use the aluminium alloy manufacture.

High speed refrigerated centrifuge

The rotary speed can reach above 20000 rpm, it not only has the low speed refrigerated centrifuge performance and structure but also the angle type swivel use titanium alloy and aluminium alloy. Centrifugal tube is manufactured by polyethylene plastics.


The rotary speed can reach 30000rpm, can make subcellular organelle separation, also can be used to assay of nucleinic acid. It can accord to needs to change different volume and models rotate speed.