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Drilling fluid centrifuge daily maintenance


Drilling fluid centrifuge is the special equipment of solid-liquid separation, designed by the characteristic of drilling fluid. It can accomplish each procedure of feed, centrifugal sedimentation, unloading, etc.

The following is the daily maintenance of centrifuge:

1 Before starting the centrifuge, we should first cut off power and loosen centrifuge brake, we can twirl the bowl and whether have stuck situation.

2 Check the other part is loose or not.

3 The material should be put uniformly.

4 Must have special people to operate, the capacity must not exceed rated capacity.

5 It is strictly prohibited to overdrive the machine.

6 If take place abnormal situation in process, we must be stop running and check it.

7 The seal ring should be embeded in the seal groove of bowl, to avoid the material invaded.

8 In order to ensure the normal operation of centrifuge, rotatable parts should be maintained once every 6 months. Check the bearing lubrication, and whether have wear phenomenon.

9 After using centrifuge, we should keep the machine clean.