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Drilling fluid centrifuge separation factors technology control

The separation capacity of drilling fluid centrifuge is decided by solid and liquid density difference and depression area length, solid and liquid the two phase density difference is more closely, the feeding mud viscosity is bigger, the separation sediment is difficult to process. In reality production, there are main three factors of separation effect; feeding temperature, feeding rate and abnormal technology conditions. 

The temperature of feeding mud can directly influence mother liquid viscosity, liquor temperature is higher, the viscosity is lower, the liquid film on the solid phase is thinner, fine small particles are easy to decrease, contain fluid in pore is less, the separation effect of centrifuge is good to pursue solid phase dryness. 

Feeding rate, the oversize charging rate will lead the bad separation effect, mainly because the sedimentation time in the drum is not enough. The premise of reach to centrifuge designed is the times of solid phase particles subside to drum wall must smaller than the standing times of particles in the drum. That is, must ensure the effect standing times of the separation fluid in the drum make solid phase particles have enough times subsided out. The same materials, the charging rate is 1m3/h, the separation effect is not good but when charging rate is 0.5m3/h, the separation effect is very ideal. 

The abnormal technology condition mainly referring the feeding mud crystal content is not enough or the crystal is non-crystallizable and reflects the flocculent, to drilling fluid centrifuge obtain the ideal separation effect is very difficult. 

To the difficult separate materials, a good method is often clean centrifuge, using the temperature which is higher than feed liquid hot water or condensate clean the centrifuge, also can replace the viscose mother liquid, also can replacement out the hard solid phase in blocked spiral. Normally, the centrifuge need clean two times each day, but when producing the anomaly especially the feeding liquid is anomaly and can’t stop the centrifuge, according to need should be adjusted at any times to centrifuge.