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Drilling fluid cleaning process in system


1 First level: the drilling mud is processed by shale shaker. The drilling mud which carried cuttings return to the ground, then pass the overhead manifold and enter into the shale shaker, the bigger cuttings will be separated from drilling mud.


2 Second level: when the drilling mud contains gas, we can use vacuum degasser to eliminate the gas, thus recover drilling fluid density, and stabilize viscosity.


3 Third level: the drilling fluid processed by vacuum degasser enter into the desander by centrifugal pump, the harmful solid phase will be separated from drilling fluid by desander. Separation size is 44~74μm.


4 Fourth level: the drilling mud processed by desander will enter into the desilter by centrifugal pump, eliminate harmful particles by desilter. Separation size is 15~44μm.


5 Fifth level: is the last level. Drilling fluid after disposed by desilter will enter into the centrifuge, and 2~15μm harmful particles will be separated from mud by centrifuge.