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Drilling fluid cobra shale shaker screen


Cobra shale shaker is mainly made of three systems: screen box, angle adjustment system and screen box lock system, the shale shaker is linear motion screen, the unique design of screen box can provide maximum through sieve rate and make solid phase drier.


The patent screen in screen box is advanced compared with the common shale shaker. Usually, the first screen is stalled level, the immersion drilling fluid extent to the second screen. The third screen is used to eliminate the screened solid phase is epibiotic in drilling fluid.


Excitation device is including two cylinder types of excitation motor, the two cylinder type vibration motor make screen box produce 2-5.4 exciting force, the amplitude is 3.2mm, the size of vibration force can be specially providing, so that adjustment in the process of production.


The degree of tightness with cobra shale shaker is made of simple mechanical clamping device and hammer type wedge block device, the hammer type wedge block device use hammer down or prize it, the tensioning of screen is more convenient and simple.