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Drilling fluid mixer from China


Tangshan Dachuan Machinery is a professional manufacturer of produce drilling fluid SLH series jet mud mixer. Our company use venture and combine with nozzle manufacturer and the new type of jet flow educator device, not only the structure is compact but also the feasibility is strength.

 Drilling jet mud mixer

SLH series mud mixer used to compound or increase fluid gross, change drilling fluid viscosity, loss water characteristics, if it need drilling fluid performance should put the drilling fluid material (bentonite and barites) and the related chemical agent into the circulating tank, if directly input will make drilling fluid material and chemical agent mixing is undermixing and will have a strong impact on drilling fluid quality.

The jet mud mixer is matched use with petroleum drilling solid control equipment, it can meet the requirements of 1500m-6000m drilling solid control system drilling fluid aggravate and compound, the mixing device is made of a set centrifugal pump and a jet type mixing funnel use manifold valve link installed a foundation.

The performance is safety and reliable, convenient to removed. Meanwhile we can accord to customer requirements to manufacture the duplex jet mud mixer. The duplex jet mud mixer is made of two sets centrifugal pump and two sets injection funnel. It can meet the requirement of big content.