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Drilling fluid mud agitator and mud gun


Agitator: according to agitating of impeller, make the solid phase suspension in drilling fluid, it is a agitating device to avoid sedimentary.

Function of mud agitator

Mud agitator can keep drilling fluid performance is stable, so the discharged drilling fluid by agitator impeller make suspension solid phase upper speed bigger than settling speed, so the agitator working volume is certain which given by impeller diameter and speed. The time of agitator make drilling fluid circulation agitating is called circulation time, according to foreign related data introduce, usually the circulating time is 30-90s. In solid control system, place shale shaker and single control machine drilling fluid storage tank need sand setting, so the circulating time take the big value, but other drilling fluid storage tank and drilling pump water tank should take the small value to ensure drilling fluid performance is steady.

Mud gun: uses the fluid agitator of high speed jet flow agitate mud, impacting drilling fluid storage tank solid phase make it suspension. Meanwhile, after agitator stop a certain times, when deposit solid phase bury impellers and need rebooting, drilling fluid mud work can wipe off parts drag torque when agitator starts, it can provide the reliable guaranty for agitator proper functioning.

Drilling fluid mud gun has high and low pressure, high pressure provided fluid by drilling pump discharging tributary, pressure rating is 1-6MPa; low pressure provided liquid by centrifugal pump, pressure rating is 0.2-0.3MPa.