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Drilling fluid shale shakers for sale


Shale shaker is used in the first phase of drilling purification in petroleum exploration and exploitation. 

Shale shakers are essentially vibrating sieves that remove drill cuttings – most often shale – from a rig’s circulating drilling fluid. Basic designs feature large wire cloth screens that shake or vibrate drill cuttings off the screens as fluid flows back into the mud system and down the well bore. 

The shale shaker, in various forms, has played prominent role in oilfield solids control schemes for several decades. Shakers have evolved from small, relatively simple devices capable of running only the coarsest screens to the models of today. Modern, high-performance shakers of today are able to use 10 mesh and finer screens at the flow-line in most applications.

So screen panels play a major role by removing particles larger than the mesh size. Screen selection is critical since shaking is the primary stage in the removal of solids. Improper screen selection can lead to de-blinding, loss of drilling fluids, premature pump part failures, overloading of other solids removal equipment within the mud systems, decreased service life , reduced flow rate capacity, and serious problems in the wellbore.