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Drilling fluid shear pump in sale


JQB Series Shear Pumps are new type equipments of petroleum and gas for solid control in drilling. Considering the bad working environment of the Shear Pump, Our company had special requirements for both manufacturing and purchasing pivotal accessories to extedn the service life. Impeller and packing box are both manufactured by high quality stainless steel; Mechanical seal and importing oil seal.

Driling fluid Shear Pump is a special purpose equipment of solids control system which can meet all customers’ requirements of preparing dilling fluid for the well drilling. This driling mud shear pump manufactured by DC company is used to treat the high property mud, make the mud to obtain good rheological properties and cut the drilling cost as much as possible. This ideal solids control equipment designed by DC’s engineers has high performance and gained customer’s high evaluation.

1 Sufficient power and pressure
2 Small footprint
3 Break down drilling mud block
4 High quality raw material
5 Excellent dilution and hydration ability

Driling fluid shear pump applies axial suction stucture, consisting of motor,pump seat, pump shell, impeller,shearing impeller and other components. Vee belt and mechanical compound seal guaruantee no leakage. There is a stainless turbine inside(which composes entrance bucket, main impeller, nozzle,catch compartment)and a shear pump.