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Drilling fluid vacuum degasser for safe using


Vacuum degasser is widely used in drilling mud purification system, through the compulsory measures separate gas from drilling mud, thus ensure drilling mud good performance.


For the vacuum degasser, the tail of exhaust pipe should be installed in safety zone, and keep a certain safe distance from wellhead and ground waste water pool. The valve should be installed on the exhaust pipe and separated into two branches, in this way the gas will always be lighted on leeward side of ground waste water pool and wellhead.


Need to be reminded that some toxic gas is heavier than the air, and this toxic gas will gathered in low area, so if working at near exhaust pipe, the workers should watch out.


About the using of vacuum degasser, before starting the vacuum degasser, open the ball valve of vacuum pump feed pipe line, and then unscrew the plug of gas liquid separator, filling water, stop filling water when the water overflow, and then screw on plug. At last, turn the coupling by hand or pipe wrench, to ensure there have no stuck phenomenon or other damages.