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Drilling mud agitator gland packing material


For adapt to requirement of agitator in different cases, the category of gland packing material are many. Which kind of material to choose mainly according to the mixer shaft spindle speed, operating temperature, operating pressure and chemical property of material. Mechanical action, such as shaft deflection is also affect the choice of gland packing material. In general, the material used to manufacture gland packing must meet the following requirements:


1 Should have enough plasticity, under the packing gland compression can be adapt to the shape of shaft and seasoning function and for deformation.

2 Should be resistant to the soaking and corrosion of medium and lubricant, and does not contain the material which can be swelled and weakened by medium and lubricant.

3 Should have enough flexibility, to absorb the design which can’t avoid shaft moving.

4 Won't bite or corrosion shaft.

5 Wear slow, rarely need to adjust and change.

6 Under the situation of gland pressure is too tight, it still has running freely, will not produce destructive friction and heat performance.


Usually the materials used to make gland packing have fiber, metal and lubricant, etc. User can according to the specific work to choose.