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Drilling mud agitator manufacturer-DC Machinery


Drilling mud agitator installed on the mud tank is important equipment, strictly speaking, once put into operation should be kept for a long time to ensure drilling fluid uniformity and centrifuge work normally.


DC Machinery mud agitator is made of explosion-proof motor, worm gear reducer, impeller, mounting plate, elastic coupling, and rigid coupling. Explosion-proof motor and worm gear reducer installed on mounting plate. Elastic coupling connect explosion-proof motor input shaft and gearbox input shaft. Impeller shaft and gearbox output shaft are connected by rigid coupling.


DC Machinery as a professional manufacturer for solids control equipments, we have designed lots of high-quality products, and JBQ series Agitator is one of them. To keep both the mud uniformity and the suspension of solids, the mud agitator is used to agitate the mud consecutively and reliably.


Due to the simplex turbine decelerator, DC mud agitator is featured by compact construction, light weight, balanced transmission, low noise, high efficiency of transmission and strong agitating power. Therefore, it is a reliable product in the solids control system.