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Drilling mud agitator: mixer shaft material


All parts which make the rotary motion, such as gear, mixer, etc, all of them must be installed in the shaft, for delivering motion and power. So shaft is one of the main parts of the machine.


According to the different shaft centerline shape, the shaft can be divided into direct axis and bent axle. Mixer shaft is one of the direct axis, it is mainly used for fixing mud agitator, and get power from reducer output shaft. Drive agitator rotating, and transmit power to impeller for overcoming rotary resistance.


The choice of drilling mud agitator mixer shaft material, from stress and working conditions to make it safe, suitable, easy to manufacture and economic. The material of shaft should have enough strength, stiffness and toughness. In addition, in order to easy to manufacture, we also need to have excellent cutting processing skill, so that we usually use number 45 high-quality steel. For the low requirement mixer shaft, also can use Q235-A or number 35 steel.


If the mixer shaft needed the requirement of corrosion resisting, we should choose suitable material according to corrosion medium property and temperature condition. Generally, we use stainless steel or do anti-corrosion measures to carbon steel shaft.