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Drilling mud cleaner advantages


Drilling mud cleaner is mainly used for eliminating the drilling cuttings and particles which are larger than the particle size of barite from the weighted drilling fluid. The weighted drilling fluid still has many low-density solid particles after the first level treatment by shale shaker. At this time, if handling by using the swirler alone, the barite will run off in abundance. The advantage of using drilling mud cleaner is reducing the content of the low-density solid particles, and avoiding a lot of loss of barites.


Drilling mud cleaner has the following advantages:

1 It is the requisite solids control equipment for disposing weighted drilling fluid in deep well or extradeep well. It can eliminate solid particles from weighted liquid, and also can recycle the barite and liquid phase.

2 It can control the solid content in weighted drilling fluid effectively, prevent differential pressure sticking of tool.

3 It can save the drilling cost.

4 Improve the well site environment.


According to the statistics of 34 wells in American drilling engineering, because of these wells adopt the solids control system which include the new type mud cleaner, under the situation of the drilling fluid density is 1.14~2.23g/cm³, not happened a differential pressure sticking, and there are many deviated wells among these wells, the cost of drilling fluid are lower than those of reservation index.