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Drilling mud cleaner disposes weighted drilling fluid


A main action of drilling mud cleaner is eliminate the solid particles whose particle size is bigger than the barite, and recycle the barite in drilling fluid. When the weighted drilling fluid pass the hydrocyclone, a large number of barites pass the screen, the barites will be returned to cycle tank (at the same time, some debris also will be returned to the tank).


When the mud cleaner handles the weighted drilling fluid, the drilling fluid which is already handled enters into drilling fluid system from the overfall of the swirler. The drill cuttings, barite and a little liquid phase discharge from the underset and go to the highly detail screen. Because of the granularity of barite is 2~74um mostly, it will return to the drilling fluid system with the liquid phase and the drill cuttings which are smaller than the sieve mesh, the drill cuttings which are larger than the sieve mesh will discharge from screen surface. In this way, mud cleaner cleans the drilling fluid, stabilizes the performance of drilling fluid and recycles the barite and the liquid phase.


If there are enough drilling fluid bypass shale shaker, the mud cleaner uses API200 mesh screen and can eliminate plenty of solid particles from weighted drilling fluid. If the API200 mesh of linear motion shale shaker or balanced elliptical motion shale shaker be used for disposing the drilling fluid, the utilization rate of mud cleaner will be too low. However, whenever you use, it can wipe off solid particles at lower course.