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Drilling mud desilter hydrocyclones


Desilter cones are manufactured in a variety of dimensions, ranging from 2 to 6 inches, and make drilled solids separations in the 12 to 40 micron range. They will also separate barite particles in the 8 to 25 micron range. Desilter are installed downstream from the shale shaker, sand trap degasser and desander. 

Desilter cones differ from desander cones only in dimensions and operate on exactly the same principle. Common desilter cone sizes are between 2 and 5 inches. Desilter cones should be fed by a centrifugal pump dedicated only to providing fluid to desilter. 

These units make the finest particle-size separations of any full-flow solids control equipment down to 12 microns of drilled solids, the desilter is an important device for reducing average particle size and eliminating drilled solids. 

Desilter suction is also taken from the immediate upstream tank, usually the desander discharge tanks are again, equalized through a valves located on the bottom of each tank. Suction should not be taken from the tank into which chemicals and other materials are added because valuable treating materials may be lost.