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Drilling mud gun for mud tank


At home and abroad all adopt rectangle structure drilling fluid circulating tank at present, because of the moving performance is good. On the tank, there are many mud agitators for stirring drilling mud, but still have some dead angles. For solving the problem, at abroad, people install the low-pressure hydraulic mixing lines with a nozzle in tank, and the domestic use the mud gun which is installed on the tank roof to stir the dead angle.


Research shows that the effective depth of mud gun is only 1.5~2.7m, the size is related with drilling fluid density, viscosity and nozzle speed. In using process, we should pay attention to mud gun nozzle cleaning, prevent mud nozzle blockage, and pay attention to mud gun valve adjustment, according to the density of the mud to adjust the valve size.


In drilling fluid solids control system, only use drilling mud gun is not enough for stirring, we also need mud agitator, but for the dead angle of mud tank, it is indispensable equipment.