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Drilling mud tank design

Drilling mud tank is used for storing drilling fluid in solids control system and drilling process. From the function points have metering tank, circulating tank, medicine tank, weighting tank, sedimentation tank, suction tank, storage tank, etc.

As a carrier of mud, mud tank is indispensable part in mud system, it can complete mud weighting, mixed, solid-liquid separation, degassing and other technology in turn. 

In the design requirement of solids control system, Usually the effective volume of mud tank is 75% of the total volume. The design of mud tank needed to reach the following requirements:
1 Mud tank should be able to accommodate the largest circulation of drilling fluid in the drilling process.
2 The whole strength of the mud tank should content the requirements of transport and use the density of 2.5 g/cm3 of drilling fluid.
3 All of the sealing should be oil resistance, acid and alkali resistant.
4 Between each cabin in tank should be set overflow port and communicating pipe according to the requirement of technological process.