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Drilling mud tank for mud recycle system


Drilling mud tank is the main part in solids control system, according to tank bottom shape, mud tank can be divided into square tank and tapered tank. Tank body use flat conical structure or corrugated structure, steel plate and shape steel installed and welded. Tank surface and corridor adopt antiskid steel plate and antiskid bar halftone, tank surface rail use square steel tube, is the barrier-free folding structure, plug firm.


Mud tank circulation system tank surface equipped with water pipeline to cleaning tank surface and equipments. Tank surface plate use leaching zinc processing. Oilfield drilling mud tank equipped with standard sand control, rainproof shed, in tank equipped with heating insulation pipeline.


As a carrier of mud, mud tank is indispensable part in mud system, it can complete mud weighting, mixed, solid-liquid separation, degassing and other technology in turn.


Drilling mud tank use the solid control equipments which on mud tank, separate solid phase particles in drilling fluid, and achieve requirement of mud drilling technology by mud weighting, mixing system. Degassing device can eliminate the harmful gas in drilling fluid.