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Drilling mud tank layout


As a carrier of mud, mud tank is indispensable part in mud system, it can complete mud weighting, mixed, solid-liquid separation, degassing and other technology in turn.


The top of the cycle tank should have enough space to put solid control equipments, mud agitator and drill rig transfer pump. Moreover, the settings of the associated line, mud trough, accessory, pump inhalation, remove pipeline, water pipeline and the space of other equipments should be considered.


For any equipment, the agitator and mud mixer device must be designed and installed correctly, incorrect design and installation will lead to the performance of equipment become weak. When making the drilling fluid tank, one important consideration is how to install the interior pipeline system. If install the pipelines wrongly, it will not stir effectively.


For any type tank, when install the pipelines, we should consider the pipeline system whether influence the flow shape in tank, the flow route of drilling fluid should not be hindered by pipelines or structural support members.