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Drilling professional term


1 Badgerbit: a specially designed bit with one large nozzle, which can be used as a deflecting tool in soft formations.


2 Bentonite: a finely powdered claymaterial (mainly montmorillonite) which swells when mixed with water. Commonly used as a mud additive, and sometimes referred to as "gel".


3 Bent sub: a short piece of pipe whose axis is deviated 1°-3°off vertical. Used in directional drilling as a deflecting tool.


4 Bitthe cutting element at the bottom of the drillstring, used for boring through the rock.


5 Bit breakera heavy metal plate which fits into the rotarytable and holds the bit while it is being connected to or disconnected from the drillstring.


6 Bit suba short length of pipe installed immediately above the bit. The threads on the bit sub accept the pin thread on the bit and the pin thread for the drill collars.


7 BOPBlowout Preventer. A valve installed on top of die wellhead to control wellbore pressure in the event of a kick.