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Drive form of mud agitator


The drilling fluid system is the role of the drilling fluid is pumped into the well in front of maintenance, this can be through the effective use of solid control equipment to remove needless solid phase to achieve, at the same time, recycle and reuse as much as possible drilling fluid.It is necessary to remove the solid phases and maintance with the fully agitation of the drilling fluid. Most of the drilling fluid must be through the mixing equipment to suspended solid ground in the tank,so that keep drilling fluid composition.


There are two kinds of drive form of mud agitator: the structure of the gear drive and the structure of the worm gear drive. Gear has the advantages of high transmission efficiency, the disadvantage is that the volume is large, and the maintenance is not convenient. The current use of the most is still a worm gear. Worm gear direct drive. Worm gearing is simple in structure, variable speed ratio, high reliability, and is the most common in mud agitator. Worm belt drive structure, although its size is larger, but with the characteristics of soft drive, to protect the motor overload is very good, so more and more domestic users to choose.