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Dryer centrifuge from DC Solid control

DC Series drilling cuttings dryer centrifuge is a kind of single continuous working horizontal unload centrifuge. DC dryer centrifuge can efficiency recovery the kerogen parts in drilling cuttings, treating capacity is in 40-50 ton per hour. Usually the disposed drilling cuttings contain the oil is under 3%, can meet the requirements of 6%OC. 

DC dryer centrifuge can be used in many types drilling mud, mainly used to drillings cuttings arid of oil base and composite base mud. It is similar with other solid control equipment, such as shale shaker, centrifuge, hydrocyclone separator. 

The treating capacity of DC dryer centrifuge is relevant with mud viscosity. But mud viscosity is decided by many factors, such as the solid content, particles size, drilling fluid type and drilling fluid temperature. 

The adaptability is big, separation particles range is wide, it is also can separate the unevenness solid phase particles as usual. 
It can automatic, continuation, running for a long time, convenient to maintain and closed operation. 
It can realize long distance automation control.