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Dual motion drying shaker using advantages


The Dual-Motion Drying Shaker was designed with a two-motor system that can operate in the traditional linear motion mode or balanced elliptical motion, allowing the operator to tune the g-force up and down depending on the conditions.  “This provides operator flexibility to make adjustments based on the type and volume of solids coming across the shaker,”

The dual motion shaker can operate with high g-force for high-flow conditions but can be turned down to a less violent mode for reduced solids volume and flow, resulting in less wear and tear on the screens. 

Features of the dual motion drying shaker
1. Adopted Wedge lock screen fastening system, more convenient to change screen, and the specialized design     prolongs the screen life.

2. Adopted frequency-conversion control system, achieve four different G-forces. Shale shaker can change frequency  automatically as drilling fluid rate.  This design obviously extends service life of screen and equipment

3. Adopted mud splash preventing device and electro-hydraulic system to adjust the screen box dip angle to make the process more convenient and keep the equipment clean.

So, please take above info as reference. And if you want to know more about dual motion drying shale shaker please contact DC solid control without hesitance.