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Easy to get rid of common faults of shale shaker


The mode choice of drilling mud shale shaker

The shale shaker is decided by the following conditions:
The handling capacity per hour
The name, the mass density, the viscosity and temperature
alkalinity or acidity of materials (Confirm to use 304# stainless steel or 316L stainless steel)
Size proportion of materials and screening accuracy required
The quantity of meshes
The space size to place the shale shaker in oil field
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The installation of shale shaker

When install the shale shaker, keep put the shaker on a horizontal base. The base should be stable.
When there is no base, the shockproof rubber sheet should be installed between the working table and equipment.
Take down the transportation support, because the base and screen box are connected by springs, so when transport, the above part of the equipment is supported by the transport support.
When the equipment arrives at the installation field, take down the transportation support.
Forbid turning on the equipment before taking down the transportation support.
The cables in the vibration motor and shale shaker always suffer severe vibration, the standard ground wires should be connected.
When stop using, the shale shaker screen should be washed by clean water.

The installation of shale shaker screen

Clean the adhesive tape and put on the shaker screen.
Compact the wedge blocks at the two sides at the same time.
Ensure to turn on the equipment after the installation of shaker screen. If there is any voice of poor contact, recheck the installation of shaker screen.
When use the equipment. The wedge blocks should be compacted each 6-8hours.

The slant angle adjustment of screen box

When the thruput of mud is too large or the viscosity of mud is too high, fluid running will occur on the shaker screen. When the volume of fluid running is too large, the coarse screen should be changed. When fluid running is small, the slant angle should be adjusted.
The slant angle should be adjusted according to the actual demand. The adjustment range is -1 to 6 degree. When adjust the slant angles, take off the pin axises first, loosen rings screws, then run the manual hydraulic pump.
When the shale shaker works, the fluid should flows 3/4 of the whole screen, if the fluid can not flows as much as required, in order to increase the effect of cleaning, the shaker screen should be changed.