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Efficiency Improvement of drilling fluid linear shale shaker


How to understand the influence of the screen length and width on the screening of drilling fluid shale shaker? Let’s explain it, when the screen surface is longer, the material will remain on the screen for more long time, thus the screening accuracy of material will be significantly improved. Although the theory is like so, but everything has a limitation. We said above is only in the case of uniform particles, if the screening material has doped the fine particles (easy sieved grains), then the longer the screening time is, the greater the screen penetration rate will be, the screening efficiency is improved, but the materials that are  difficult to screened are left, the screening efficiency was generally not high; In addition, it will be a waste of space when the screen is too long. In general, as long as when there is the need of high load, high screening efficiency, and when the matching conditions permit, it needs to increase the length of the screen.

Production efficiency of linear shale shaker will be influenced by many factors, such as the power vibration motor, and the physical properties of screening materials. In addition, we know that the output size of linear shale shaker depends on the width of sieve surface, and the screening accuracy depends on the screen length. So length and width of the screen is also an important factor can not be ignored that inspects the sifting efficiency.

In addition, the relationship between the width and length of the linear vibrating screen should also be grasped properly, if the width is too small and the length is too long, it will lead to the layer thickness on the screen, and difficult to screen; when the width is too big and the length is too small, although the material is slightly thin, but the residence time of particle in the sieve surface is shortened, and the screen penetration rate is still difficult to improve, we believe that the golden ratio between the width and length of the linear shale shaker is: 1:2.5-1:3.