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Gave an outline of Drilling fluid


Drilling fluid is the circulating fluid which is used in the process of drilling, it's the mixture of liquid, solid and chemical primer. The drilling fluid solid particles can be separated into harmful solid and useful solid phase.


The debris is the most main drilling harmful solid phase. The harmful solid phase will affect the physical properties of the drilling fluid in drilling process, making the density, viscosity, drilling fluid dynamic of stone, water loss, mud cake, abrasives, stickiness and flow resistance increased, the result cause damage of hydrocarbon reservoir, reducing the rate of the rig, increasing the drilling dish torque, hindering the drill up and down, adhering the rig, well leak, blowout and other complex situation in the underground, and causing wear of the drilling fluid recycle system.

The effect of drilling fluid

1 Clean up the bottom of a well

2 Carry debris

3 Cool and lubricate drill bits and drill string

4 Form a mud cake to protect the wall of a well

5 Control and balance the stratum pressure

6 Suspend drilling cuttings and sink sand by weighting agent

7 Provide stratum materials for protecting the oil and gas to avoid damage

8 As power liquid to transmit water power


The constitution of drilling fluid

1 Water-fresh water, saline water, salt water and saturated salt water

2 Bentonite-sodium bentonite, calcium bentonite

3 Chemicals-inorganic, organic,surfactant and polymer chemicals.

4 Oil-clean oil or thick oil

5 Weighting agent-barite and hematite

6 Gas-air and natural gas