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HDD - Drilling tools Roller bit


The structure of roller bit

The roller bit is made of roller, tooth, roller shaft, bearing, palm, drill bit body, nozzle and oil storage lubrication seal system.

Working theory

Oil storage pressure compensating system keep the oil pressure in bearing bore is balanced with the pressure of drilling fluid string. When the pressure of bearing bore is decreased, the lubrication oil is replenished to the bearing bore by the drilling fluid string pressure in oil storage; when the oil pressure is raise, then it will flow into the oil storage cup. But the effective seal is the key.

The effective

Impacting and crushing effective

When the roller bit works, the roller rolls, the single tooth and double tooth are alternately touching the bottom well make drill bit produce the longitudinal rolling. The drill bit produce impacting load and drilling pressure to the rock, to the bottom rock produce impacting and crushing effective.

Gliding and shearing effective

The structure of super top, compound cone, and tilt shift make the tooth shaft rolls in the bottom well and produce the sliding of the tooth to bottom well.