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HDD construction characteristic


HDD is the horizontal directional drilling. It is one kind of no dig or trenchless drilling. Horizontal directional drilling apply to pipeline and cable, fiber optic cable and other steel casing through lakes, swamps, rivers, highway, railway, building and other unfavorable for excavation of construction.


The following is the Horizontal directional drilling construction characteristic


Construction quality is good. Use directional drilling to cross laying pipeline, the buried depth can satisfy the design requirement, to avoid the conventional excavation hidden trouble through lack of buried depth.


Construction period is short, construction area is less, to avoid the damage of environmental, can furthest reduce the influence of industrial and agricultural production.


Social benefit is well. To avoid the damage of already built infrastructure, ensure the shipping, highway, railway and other transportation tool normal, do not affect people's normal life.


Save construction investment. Save labour and earthwork cost.