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HDD solid control system by DC machinery


DC machinery HDD solid control system is widely used in oil drilling field . Professional design ,manufacturered mud recycle system by DaChuan Machinery are widely applied in Trenchless directional crossing projects .

Horizontal Directional Drilling is in the not excavation surface conditions ,laid a variety of underground utilities (line ,cable ,etc) it is widely used in water supply ,electric power, telecommunications , gas ,oil and other pipeline laying construction , it is suitable for sand, clay, pebble, etc ground situation, our country most of the none hard rock area can be construction,working environment temperature is 15 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃.


Equipped with remote control, safe and convenient operation;

Equipped with telescopic lighting lamps and lanterns;

Equipped with liquid level monitor, which can realize remote monitoring;

Line equipped with sampling valve, sampling convenient;

High G-force ,wide screen area, compressed structure ,cost effective .

ZCQ series vacuum degasser of the structure is scientific and rational can get rid of varies gas ,invasive drilling etc.

Adjustable mouth of hydrocyclone ,desander ,desilter can deal with different viscosity ,solid content high drilling mud .

LW series decanting centrifuge effectively remove drilling cycle fluid harmful solid phase.

SB series sand pump ,with special mechanical seal technology ,improve operational reliability ,has a long service life, about 6 times as that of other sand pumps ,and no leakage in 1 year .

Top into agitator, rational layout, tank no dead Angle.

Jet Mud Mixer with Jet flow funnel, and may, according to drilling demand, rapid add drugs.

Suite of bentonite and polymer drilling products specifically engineered for HDD applications .