Solids Control Equipments Manufacturer




Mud tank systems are a critical component of any drilling operation for maximizing solids control efficiency and effectiveness. DC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of mud tank systems in China.


Mud tank system produced by DC Machinery has the following features:


1 Removable shaker skids: Allow for quick and easy mobilization and demobilization.

2 Vertical, direct-driven centrifugal pumps: Minimizes the footprint required by the pumps.

3 Centrifugal pumps and control manifold installed on a pump porch: Provides easy access for controlling processes.

4 Each centrifugal pump is located in close proximity to a specific piece of equipment: Allows for shorter piping runs with less friction.

5 Caustic barrel telescopes and remains on tank during transportation: Allows for quick and easy mobilization and demobilization and also provides a safe way to add caustic to the mud system.

6 Vortex breakers at each suction: Prevent cavitation of centrifugal pumps.

7 Minimal piping inside tanks: Allows for proper agitation, thus improving homogenization of the mud.

8 Integrated cement and active bypass: Prevents equipment contamination.

9 Sloped sand trap with integrated mud gun: Facilitates quick, easy and thorough cleaning.

10 Electrical cable trays: Eliminate cable sag.

11 Collapsible handrails: Provides quick and easy rig-up, rig-down and transportation.

12 Mud level sensors (optional): Provides well control; reduces contamination of the drill site.

13 Hammerseal piping connections: Facilitates quick and easy rig-up and rig-down, while guaranteeing proper alignment and positive sealing.

14 Fold-down crossover walks between tanks: Facilitates quick and easy rig-up and rig-down, while eliminating the need for a crane lift.

15 Easy-access tank compartments: Provides quick and easy access to tank compartments for maintenance, inspections, etc.