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HIgh Quality of Drilling Butterfly valve


Butterfly valve is also called flap valve, it is a kind of regulating valve with simple structure, it is also used in low pressure pipeline medium switch control. Butterfly valve is refering to the closure member which is disk, rounding valve shaft to rate to opened and closed, it mainly has the function of cut off and throttling.  


It is mainly made of valve body, valve rod, butterfly plate and sealing ring. Valve body presents cylindrical, the axial length is short, internally installed butterfly plate. 

Installation and maintenance of butterfly valve 

1. When install, valve clack should stop on the closed location.
2. Opened position should decided by the rotation angle of butterfly plate. 
3. The butterfly valve with bypass-valve, before start should open the bypass-valve. 
4. It is installed based on the manufacturer installation manual. The heavy butterfly valve should set the firm foundation.