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Halliburton Opens Expanded Manufacturing, Technology Center in Malaysia


Halliburton Co. announced the opening of the expansion of its Malaysia Manufacturing and Technology Centre in Senai, Malaysia. The additional capability will allow the company to expand its delivery of high-quality products to meet the growing needs of customers in the Eastern Hemisphere and globally.

The completed extension adds 105,960 square feet (9,844 square meters) of space and will manufacture an extensive range of products from Halliburton's Completion Tools product line, including packers, tubing retrievable safety valves, service tools, subsurface flow, and swell and screens technology, as well as float equipment, stage tools and cementing accessories from the Cementing product line.

"Halliburton's investment in this expansion demonstrates our continuing commitment to strengthen our position and respond to our customers' needs, not only in the Eastern Hemisphere, but globally," said Mark Richard, senior vice president for Halliburton's Asia Pacific Region. "This additional capacity allows us to continue to strengthen our position in deep water, mature assets and unconventional resources development."

Rao Abdullah, Area vice president for Halliburton's Central Asia and Southeast Asia regions, said, "This cutting-edge manufacturing plant features a highly efficient shop-floor layout with advanced machines and streamlined processes that will provide maximum efficiencies in production. The additional investment will provide manufacturing jobs and business opportunities, as well as technology knowledge transfer."

The facility, which originally opened in March 2008, now comprises 316,828 square feet (29,434 square meters) on 13 acres and houses a manufacturing plant, a bulk plant and an administration building. The site also offers onsite technology capabilities, including onsite high-pressure testing capabilities. It is expected that the company's manufacturing and technology center in Senai will employ approximately 350 people by year-end 2013.

Halliburton has been active in the Eastern Hemisphere energy services market since 1926, and the company established operations in Malaysia in 1974. Halliburton has had strong growth in the region, and offers a full range of technology and services across its Completion and Production, and Drilling and Evaluation divisions.